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All the benefits of owning a car without the headaches. AmeriDrive Simply Drive!

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What is a car subscription

A new alternative to leasing or buying is disrupting the car industry: AmeriDrive is a flexible car subscription service where you can access any of our cars whenever you want, wherever you want and for as long as you need, all your car costs are bundled into a simple single subscription fee.

How Ameridrive works

Download the App from the Apple Store or Google Play

Create your free account and upload your required documentation

Pick up your dream car and Simply Drive !

Unlock possibilities and give yourself the opportunity to drive any car you want and swap it at any time.


AmeriDrive is your best choice when it comes to Car subscription. Our program offers unlimited car swap, insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

All included in one simple payment.

What does this mean to you?

  • No more annoying long term commitments
  • No more long hours at a car dealership
  • No more dealing with aggressive salesman nor insurance agents
  • No more crazy dealer’s hidden fees
  • No more down payment

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Choose your dream car from our inventory of over more than 400 vehicles, we get new cars each week, including a fleet of new cars.

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  • Austin, Texas
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