AmeriDrive is a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

and Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) corporation that offers an innovative car subscription package that provides all types of unlimited cars. With AmeriDrive, while enjoying insurance, maintenance, and travel assistance, drivers have the flexibility to swap cars at any time. Payment is packaged into a monthly all-inclusive charge.

AmeriDrive is truly changing the game when it comes to mobility and transportation, leveraging technology and accessibility to generate impact on the industry.

Our platform utilizes AI and IOT, providing customers with analytics to optimize the driving experience. Our AI is able to predict car crashes, drivers’ reflexes or impulses, car mileage, and much more, making our cars as safe as possible.

We primarily work with three forms of data at AmeriDrive: data about how consumers travel, insight into what they prefer, and knowledge on what they are prepared to spend. And of course, of all this in multiple geographical areas.

We use data to build our applications, products, routing, split modality, etc. We may also run tests based on the data to look at how differences in the user experience or pricing impact behaviors. Leveraging research of self-driving vehicle technologies.

We have established a leading presence in MaaS through fleets of vehicles available for drivers and rideshare drivers, changing consumer behaviors and establishing a new mobility trend.

AmeriDrive is transforming the industry by empowering all to have freedom from lease or loan commitments and flexibility to drive any car the members want.

A Rideshare driver’s biggest ally. Ameridrive is your go-to stop for Uber and Lyft approved vehicles, inspected and disinfected every time. With the simplicity of self pick-up.

A car subscription service might be right for you if you:

Need to drive sometimes, but not often enough to buy or lease.
Need to drive regularly, but don’t want to deal with insurance, maintenance, paperwork, etc.
Want to experience a variety of different cars in a short time.

What is your vision for the future of Mobility and Transportation technology? "I once read an article that said: “sooner than later, owning a car will be like owning a horse” What I take from that thought is that technology will make the use of TNC platforms so inexpensive (for riders/consumers) that, financially, it will not make sense to buy a car.

Carlos Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer

What current Mobility or Transportation problem can you say that Ameridrive aims to solve? "Our background in the subprime lending industry showed us that drivers do not want long-term commitments. With its flexible programs, Ameridrive is helping to solve that problem. Additionally, our rideshare program helps not only professional drivers to have better control over their actual income, but also helps first-timers who are giving “the rideshare world” a test run."

Agustín Perret

Chief Operating Officer

"Karen is such a great asset for any organization. We cannot be prouder of working shoulder to shoulder with her at Ameridrive"

Karen Umana

VP of Operations

"As the world rapidly changes and new needs arise, Ameridrive is able to offer a completely revolutionary way of living. Since we are in the front line of innovation; education, information, and transparency are key components in every campaign we create. We strive to provide our customers and prospects with new transportation perspectives so they quickly incorporate it in their day-to-day and improve their quality of life."

Nicole Minionis

VP of Marketing

Is there anything different about Ameridrive that you saw that made you make the decision? I like AmeriDrive’s commitment to providing safe, reliable, cars for the gig community, using technology to make a positive user experience.

Clint Sly

Board Member - Investor Relations

With over 20 years of experience as an attorney, Pelayo has served as AmeriDrive’s legal counsel since its inception. Pelayo continues to manage his own legal firm, and he works for AmeriDrive in a consultant capacity. Pelayo has been a key component in the organization’s growth and success.

Pelayo Duran

Chief Legal Counsel


Client feedback

At AmeriDrive, we give a lot of value to what our clients have to say. We love to hear about our drivers’ experience and what we can do to improve on it.


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