MIAMI, FL –– November 19, 2019 ––

Car Leasing is similar to renting a vehicle but for a longer fixed period of time at an agreed amount of money and miles. It’s commonly offered as an alternative to vehicle purchases.

 Ameridrive’s Car Subscription empowers drivers to enjoy a car with full flexibility and commitment-free! But what does car subscription mean and how is it different from leasing a car?

Subscriptions are a bit similar to leasing but they are short, simple and offer a wide variety of cars for an all-inclusive monthly fee that covers insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance. Ameridrive’s Car Subscription is aimed at those who need a flexible and convenient way to drive where your sole requirement is convenience and pampering.

Ameridrive’s Car Subscription will include, for one simple payment, the following:

  • Subscribe for any length of time/cancel at any time
  • No delivery / no early termination penalty
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Road assistance
  • And most importantly, no contracts, no commitment, and no hassle

 In contrast, a car lease has the following:

  • Maybe 1–3 scheduled maintenance during the time of the lease
  • Delivery / costly end of the lease fees
  • Damage Fees

Why is Ameridrive’s Car Subscription able to replace leasing?

  1. Downpayment

A lease down payment can go as high as $5,000, while with AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription there’s no need for a downpayment, which gives you more freedom to use the cash for better things in life. All you need is to place a small refundable deposit.

  1. All-inclusive fees

Unfortunately, a car lease can be costly when you add the fees that come afterward such as, special lease insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance if you are over mileage, registration, taxes, depreciation and so on. With AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription, you pay a flat all-in fee that covers everything you need. It includes insurance, unlimited miles, regular maintenance, and even 24-hour roadside assistance. There are no additional fees involved, you just need to worry about your monthly gas and parking costs.

  1. Contract Terms

When leasing a car, you still need a credit check and an agreed fixed term that cannot be changed without a costly penalty involved, usually of 3 years. AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription offers you: no long-term contract or restrictive terms, giving you the freedom and flexibility that’s not common in traditional car rental. There’s also no minimum subscription period, so you’re not tied down by a pricey commitment. You can drive the car for as long (or as short) as you want!

  1. Penalty

If you read closely the lease contract you will find many limitations and penalties in case of failure, for example, mileage penalty of $0.50 per mile, penalty for wear and tear, penalty to terminate the lease early and the list goes on and on, but with AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription has been designed to meet the transportation needs of its members – offering unlimited miles, unlimited warranty, including insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance, as well as unlimited car swaps in order to fit member’s lifestyle. You can trade-in and change cars whenever you feel due to the flexibility and convenience of our service. 

  1. Flexibility

AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription you can choose any car you want from an inventory that includes more than 400+ vehicles, including a fleet of brand new cars, and trade it in whenever you feel. You could drive a sedan for one week and switch into a sports car or SUV the next!

AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription works easily and hassle-free, just download the AmeriDrive app which offers consumers the opportunity to subscribe to AmeriDrive directly from your mobile phone, taking the hassle away from getting a car process.

As stated above, car leases can be very limited and will not provide the freedom you deserve.