MIAMI, FL –– July 16, 2019 –– Ameridrive’s Car Subscription empowers drivers to enjoy any vehicle with full flexibility and commitment-free! But what is a car subscription and how is it different from renting a car?

This is an example: When you subscribe to Spotify, the songs aren’t yours, you’re paying to listen to them. It’s the same for a car subscription. You get a car- commitment-free where there’s no long-term contract to follow and you get the flexibility to switch cars when the need arises.

Even though the two models have some similarities, renting and subscribing to a car has certain differences.

Let us take you through some BIG differences on why Ameridrive’s Car Subscription is better and can replace renting a car:

  1. All-inclusive fees

Usually, the cost of renting a car varies with the duration you need the vehicle. But most times these prices don’t include the additional costs fees like roadside assistance, insurance, additional miles, and more. If you include these add-ons into your contract, the final payment will also be higher.

With AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription, the weekly or monthly payment covers everything you need, such as insurance, regular maintenance, and roadside assistance. There are no additional fees involved, you just need to add gas and go.

  1. Contract Terms

When you rent a car, you’re bound by a contract with strict and restrictive terms and conditions. These contracts include an array of restrictions and limitations like mileage caps and wears and tears.

Basically, you need to follow the contract’s terms and conditions or you’ll be facing a costly penalty. 

AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription is absolutely different.

AmeriDrive gives you the freedom and flexibility that’s not common in traditional car rental. You’re not tied down by a pricey commitment. You can drive the car for as long (or as short) as you want. Change the vehicle to fit your lifestyle, and have concierge service.

  1. Penalty

When renting, if your needs suddenly change, you won’t be able to terminate your contract without incurring a penalty. You’ll be stuck with the contract that you first signed, for however long that was agreed upon. The penalties can be quite costly, so that’s the risk you’d have to take.

AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription has been designed to meet the transportation needs of its members- offering unlimited miles, unlimited warranty, including insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance, as well as unlimited car swaps in order to fit customer’s lifestyle. Even though AmeriDrive’s minimum subscription is one week, you are able to return the vehicle before the week ends without any penalty.

  1. Flexibility

With a car rental, you can’t choose the car you want to drive, you will have an idea of the body but there are no pictures or test drives before reserving the vehicle, but with AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription, you are able to choose the car you really want from the inventory that includes more than 400+ vehicles, including a fleet of brand new cars and trade it in whenever you need. You could drive a sedan for one week and switch into a sports car or SUV the next, you will always see the pictures and can even come to any of the AmeriDrive’s locations and test drive the vehicle before reserving your ride. 

  1. The Reservation process

When renting a vehicle you need to go to the office or to the website, choose your preferred body style, select the add-ons that will not go out of your budget, find the best day and time so the price doesn’t fluctuate, fill out all of the paperwork, pay only with a credit card, and finally, be able to drive away… But with AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription you are able to reserve your vehicle in a matter of just minutes. Download the AmeriDrive app, create your account, select your car and pick it up. That’s it. AmeriDrive is a practical platform allows members to have access to all of the inventory directly from their mobile phone, taking the hassle away from the car renting process.

 If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable car rental experience, then AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription is perfect for you.