MIAMI, FL –– November 11, 2019 –– AmeriDrive, the latest innovators in flexible car subscription services, is spreading to 6 locations including Miami, Atlanta, Austin, and West Palm Beach in just under 1 year, AmeriDrive offers a wide variety of over 500 cars that best suit your needs. AmeriDrive offers unlimited car swap, maintenance, repairs at no extra cost, 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance and more to subscribers. It’s a headache and hassle-free service. AmeriDrive is a flexible car subscription service that is changing the way consumers get their vehicles.

As South Florida continues to boom with improvements in mobility, our team collaborated to eliminate the hassles that go hand-in-hand with purchasing a car. AmeriDrive is the solution consumers have been searching for, providing the ultimate alternative, said AmeriDrive CEO, Carlos M. Hernandez.

The company’s leadership team has made sure to create a customer-centric organization where customer satisfaction along with a well-diversified vehicle inventory is the key to its success. Additionally, AmeriDrive has partnered with the latest technology platforms to deliver its customers the “top of the art” service.

AmeriDrive offers commitment-free-driving-solutions to every driver no matter what your needs are:

  1. Rideshare Program: we offer a perfect choice to rideshare drivers where they don’t have to worry about the depreciation of the car nor its maintenance, not to mention that there is no long-term commitment. Our rideshare program allows you to drive on any rideshare platform.
  2. Commuter Program: for those “car lovers” who want to simply drive without worrying about long term commitments and annoying maintenance expenses. They can swap the car every month if they want, so they get to enjoy the freedom of not being in a long-term loan/lease.

AmeriDrive’s plans are to continue to expand its services across the country, not only by adding newer units to their six current locations but by opening new locations to be able to service even more drivers.