MIAMI, FL –– May  15, 2019 –– Up until recently, consumers only had two options when it came to acquiring a vehicle: buy or lease. Now a third alternative is gaining momentum known as vehicle subscription, giving consumers access to a wide selection of automobiles by allowing subscribers to have exclusive use of a car based on a monthly fee. The AmeriDrive program offers drivers yet, another alternative without the commitment.

“Car subscription takes away the hassle and stress of the car buying process,” said Agustin Perret COO of AmeriDrive, “People need an alternative that is easy and flexible since over 80% of people will trade-in their cars every few years. Car subscription fits that lifestyle while also giving a new generation of consumers a different, compelling way to drive as our slogan says “Simply Drive”.”

Ameridrive has access to more than 2,500 used vehicles, including a fleet of new cars. Members are loving the perks of having a car subscription instead of buying or leasing. Contrary to traditional ways of car ownership, AmeriDrive offers unlimited miles, unlimited warranty, and roadside assistance, as well as unlimited swaps in order to fit the customer’s lifestyles. This way, drivers all around South Florida are able to start driving without a downpayment, commitment or even worry about repair bills.

“You have the option to drive an economy car if you want to or treat yourself if you want to do that one week,” said Ryan Rea, current member of AmeriDrive, “Even, if your family comes into town, you are able to upgrade to a minivan for as long as they stay and get them all in.”

Ameridrive’s car subscription is based in Miami with 4 locations all around South Florida – Miami, Hollywood, Margate, West Palm Beach, thanks to their partnership with Florida Fine Cars, a used-vehicle dealership which has been providing quality used cars, SUVs, and trucks for sale since 1993.

AmeriDrive’s car subscription is known for the flexibility provided to its members, avoiding the hassle of buying. There’s no headaches and no long-term commitment. All of the car costs’ are bundled into a single subscription fee so there are no surprises. AmeriDrive, car subscription, fits any lifestyle, any want, any need to those willing to experience this new alternative to car ownership in South Florida.