• Mon - Sat: 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM | Sun: Closed
  • MAIN OFFICE: 21025 NW 2nd Ave, 4th floor, Miami, FL 33169
  • 833-305-3500

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Currently, AmeriDrive has four locations in South Florida: Miami, Hollywood, Margate and West Palm Beach, one in Austin Texas, and one in Atlanta Georgia

  • AmeriDrive – Atlanta: 1755 Cobb Pkwy SE, Marietta, GA 30060
  • AmeriDrive – Austin: 8606 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758
  • AmeriDrive – Hollywood: 1015 South State Rd 7, Hollywood, FL 33023
  • AmeriDrive – Margate: 5300 West Copans Rd, Margate, FL 33063
  • AmeriDrive – Miami: 21025 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33169
  • AmeriDrive – WPB: 1220 N. Military Trail, West. Palm Beach, FL 33409

The cost of renting a car adds up fast. A common daily rate is $60-$100, and that’s before you factor in insurance costs, tax, and miscellaneous fees.

When you own a car, you have to deal with a down payment, registration, trips to the DMV, loan interest, maintenance, insurance costs—the list goes on. Not to mention the value of your owned vehicle depreciates over time. Plus, your needs may change, leaving you stuck with a car you barely drive or don’t really want.

When you lease, you’re committed to a specific vehicle for the whole lease term, usually 12-36 months. Plus, you’re paying interest and tax on the lease that has many costly limitations.

With AmeriDrive, there’s no headaches and no long-term commitment. All your car costs are bundled into a simple single subscription payment so there are no surprises. Whether you need a car for a week or a year, AmeriDrive membership is perfect to fit your lifestyle.

Our subscription service offer’s you the car you want when you want it! Just pick a vehicle and drive it for a week, month or as long as you need. Avoid the hassle of buying and subscribe to AmeriDrive!

You can subscribe to a car for as little as 7 days or as long as 28 days at a time. You don’t have to stop there, though—you can renew your subscription as many times as you’d like. Some AmeriDrive Members only need us week to week, and other for a longer time, but only you decide when to return or change your vehicle.

A variety! While the majority of vehicles are full-size or mid-size late model sedans and compact vehicles, we also stock full-size and compact SUVs. Luxury cars and trucks are often available at all AmeriDrive locations. Browse our cars and check out what is available in your area. Can’t find the vehicle you’re looking for? Request one by contacting us here!

  • A one (1) time initiation fee.
  • If you return the vehicle after your subscription ends, you’ll be responsible for late fees.
  • If you return the vehicle in a condition that requires us to clean and/or recondition it, you may incur additional fees.
  • You’ll be responsible for any tolls or violations.

Yes, you can! For a small premium, you may use most of our vehicles to drive in any car sharing business.


Download the app and REGISTER. The app will walk you through accepting our membership agreement and capturing your driver’s license. Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for you to get approved. You’ll receive a welcome email as soon as your approved.

To subscribe to AmeriDrive is very simple, all you need is:

  • A valid US driver’s license. International Drivers License may be used but additional fees may be incurred
  • A debit or credit card in your name
  • A valid email address
  • A mobile phone in your name so we can send you alerts.

Approvals typically go through within a few minutes. If you’re approved, you’ll receive an email notification with your next steps.

In some cases, approvals may take longer, or you may need to provide additional information so we can process your application.

If you haven’t heard back from us in 24-48 hours, please call us at 833.305.3500, 9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday, or contact us here.

Download the AmeriDrive app and register. Once you are approved, select a market and pick a vehicle you want to drive. Next, we’ll collect your subscription fee along with your refundable deposit, schedule your pickup time, and Simply Drive!

Please bring your driver’s license along with the debit or credit card you paid with your AmeriDrive Membership. If you fail to bring any of these documents, your market manager will NOT be able to deliver the vehicle and your subscription may be canceled or delayed until the missing document is presented.

Your vehicle pickup should take about 15 minutes.

Your Market Manager will greet you and verify your license and payment card. Together, you’ll inspect the outside and inside of the vehicle. The Market Manager will walk you through how to take advantage of your AmeriDrive Membership, including how to schedule maintenance, what to do if there’s an accident, etc. Then you’ll sign your subscription agreement and Simply Drive!

If you’re running late, please contact your pickup location. If you don’t have their contact details, call us at 833.305.3500.

No. Only approved AmeriDrive members are covered under the subscription’s insurance. Therefore, only approved members are allowed to drive the AmeriDrive vehicle. You will be personally responsible for anything that happens if someone else is behind the wheel.


Want to change cars? To request a swap, contact your local Market Manager, or call 833.305.3500. They will schedule the change for you.

You can renew your current subscription up to two days before it ends. In the app, just click on the RENEW button. From there, you’ll be able to select a subscription period, view pricing and pay.

At the end of your current subscription, simply return your vehicle to your local AmeriDrive by your subscription end date. You can also return your vehicle prior to the end of your current subscription period, but we do not pro-rate subscription fees based on early returns. To schedule your return time, please contact your local Market Manager at 833.305.3500.

We strongly recommend that you return your vehicle during business hours. This way, you’ll be present for the check-in and inspection. If you absolutely need to make a drop-off after business hours, please call your local Market Manager in advance at 833.305.3500, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm ET, to discuss arrangements. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to dispute fees related to your return inspection if you’re not present for the inspection.

For routine maintenance, AmeriDrive foots the bill! You may receive a courtesy call from AmeriDrive letting you know that it’s time for a tuneup.

To make a service appointment, please contact us at 833.305.3500.

Your Market Manager should provide you with their business card when you pick up your car. You can also call the main AmeriDrive’s Member Services line at 833.305.3500, 9am-6pm ET, Monday-Friday.

You can manage everything about your AmeriDrive Membership and Subscription through the AmeriDrive app. Use the “My Account” section in the AmeriDrive app to keep your contact info and payment details up to date.


If you feel unsafe, call 911 first.

For after-hours issues like flat tires or dead batteries, click for Roadside Assistance.

For issues like flat tires or dead batteries during business hours contact your local Market Manager at 833.305.3500.

Once you’ve received help from Roadside Assistance, please contact your Market Manager at 833.305.3500 so we can discuss next steps.

First, call the police to report the accident. Get the information of all other parties involved, including names, contact info, and insurance policy numbers.

Your insurance information is in the AmeriDrive Member envelope in your glovebox. Next, please call us at 833.305.3500 to report the claim, and we’ll walk you through the next steps.

You are responsible for covering the cost of traffic violations, citations or tolls that you may incur.

Here’s how it works:

Since AmeriDrive is the registered owner of the vehicle, AmeriDrive will receive the bill for any tickets or tolls you incur, which we will then bill back to you at the end of your current subscription period.

These charges will need to be paid in order for you to renew your subscription. If you have any questions about tickets or tolls, please contact AmeriDrive Member Services at 833.305.3500.