MIAMI, FL –– June 17, 2019 –– If you want a car to call your own, there are usually two ways to get one: Buy or lease.

Now there’s a new alternative: car subscription

AmeriDrive car subscription has been designed to meet the transportation needs of its customers – offering unlimited miles, unlimited warranty, including insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance, as well as unlimited car swaps in order to fit customer’s lifestyle. 

The process to sign up is very simple and it takes less than 3 min.

Steps to get your car: Download the App, create an account and submit your driver’s license,  choose your car and pick up. No credit check needed!

AmeriDrive car subscription offers you: 

  • Convenience. You can set up the subscription online and manage it via the Ameridrive App. 
  • Flexibility. You can change cars more frequently than with leasing or buying.
  • Cost savings. There are no down payments or financing charges.
  • No negotiation. AmeriDrive prices will not fluctuate and there are no surprises.
  • No commitment. Subscription can be for as short as a week.

AmeriDrive car subscription is based in Miami with 4 locations all around South Florida,

now adding a new location in Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.  Now customers have access to more than 400+ vehicles, including a fleet of brand new cars. Ameridrive uses the app to offer consumers the opportunity to subscribe directly from their mobile phone, taking the hassle away from the car buying process.

You could drive a sedan for one week and switch into a sports car or SUV the next!